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Allow yourself…that seems just a little open ended doesn’t it? I know, but that’s kind of the point. We need to allow ourselves to be and to do whatever it is our minds and bodies need. 

Allow yourself time to have emotions – even the “bad” ones. Allow yourself to heal and to grow. Allow yourself to breathe and to take time for yourself. Allow yourself to eat food you want, to dance around your house when you’re happy, to cry when you need to cry.

Everything we go through gets us closer to where and who we should be. When we deny ourselves any of this, we hinder our growth and we shut down a part of us that needs to breathe. 

Even the strongest, most put together, smartest, most outgoing of us need to breakdown once in a while. I used to think this was weakness. Never let someone see you cry, never let them see you’re hurting. Always be the one who picks herself up and carries any weight or burden handed to her. I never let things get under my skin; but in holding to these beliefs and building those walls I shut myself down to a lot of good. 

Some days the smallest thing will get to me and I will feel crazy for it. But even in that crazy, even in what may seem like unnecessary emotion, I find release. And when that moment of crazy passes and that relief has lifted the frustration from my shoulders, I know I can face the next struggle no matter how small. 

Anxiety, sadness, depression, panic…we all experience them. It may not be in staggering, life altering ways. We don’t have to feel alone and isolated or at the end of our ropes to acknowledge that we go through these emotions. Maybe those moments are few and far between, or maybe we go through a period where it feels constant. But letting ourselves experiences everything introduced into our lives – and reaching out when we need – we open ourselves to a much fuller, enriching life. 

So allow yourself this moment, whatever this moment is. Sadness will pass. Emptiness will pass. Frustration will pass. And in its wake we can fill our lives with the joys that we love. This too shall pass.

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