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From a young age, the idea of “work, life balance” is ingrained in us. We work toward figuring out how to build a prosperous career, a devoted and loving family, maintain a spotless and beautiful house, while working out, being social, amassing a 401K and achieving all of our dreams. What many of us come to realize however, is this idea of balance leaves us chasing an impossible goal.

Our life isn’t a balancing act, but a symphony. Imagine instead of the arms of a scale weighing each aspect of our lives and of ourselves, that each of those aspects are instead different instruments with different roles, but each are required for the symphony to be whole.

Some parts of our lives should matter more than others, should weigh more, should get a solo in the concert. But giving the attention and space to those things is not to the detriment of others, they play together. Priorities, just like our journeys, are different for everyone. We are each a conductor creating individual masterpieces, which have no need to be compared.

Get rid of the balance and work toward your harmony.

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